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Dick Goodwin's output is remarkably varied and extensive. He has composed and arranged for all sorts of ensembles and situations. Many of the titles can be reorchestrated to fit a particular instrumentation.


Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files of samples are available online where you see a small picture of a score. Just click.



Many "pops charts" are available, including often-requested selections like "Amazing Grace" and "2001 Fanfare" (first movement of Strauss' Thus Spake Zarathustra), plus dozens of titles featuring soloists, jazz combo, or big band with orchestra. Dick is often called upon for special material, like the two complete shows that he arranged for Cathy & Marcy (singer/songwriter Grammy nominees with many children's CD credits)

Music (text adapted from Plato—written for combined middle school orchestra, band, and chorus with piano)

Coronado for solo tuba, string orchestra, with piano and optional percussion

sea island



Sea Island Sketches



Paraph for clarinet and orchestra
(To hear a snippet of this piece, go to Composer page.)

Low-country Hauntings

Palmetto Symphony

Streets of Laredo Variations for cello and string orchestra

October Collection

Whistlestops for flute and orchestra

mark twainMark Twain Remarks (a symphony in 4 movements – orchestra & male chorus)



Many arrangements available for pops orchestras

Band/Wind Ensemble

Flight of Freedom (alto saxophone solo with band --- appropriate for middle school band with professional level soloist)



For Orchestra

Symphony 1991


Shuffle Chaconne for Trombone and Wind Ensemble
March of the Seven Bends

For Chorus

Mark Twain Remarks (see orchestral listings)

jubilant song


Sing a Jubilant Song (chorus/organ/3 trumpets/3 trombones/percussion

The Day of Pentecost (chorus/organ/soloists/woodwind quintet)

In the Bleak Mid Winter (chorus and cello)

Music (see orchesta listings)

The Rune of Hospitality for chours with flute, clarinet, and harp

With text by Lillian Quackenbush

The Blue Bonnet Girl

Two American Folk Songs




Jabbo for Flute, Oboe, and Cello
(To hear a brief snippet, go to Composer page.)


Porcupine Saves the Dance for clarinet, percussion, piano, cello and narrator – a children’s written with Ayala Asheroff and Jenny Maxwell

Loose Connection for Saxophone Quartet

Quilt Canzona for Saxophone Quartet

Boop Music for Woodwind Quintet
(To hear a brief snippet, go to Composer page.)

Camerata Quintet (woodwind quintet)

Piece Works for Clarinet and Piano

Seven Deadly Sins for Clarinet and Marimba

Toodle Pip Strut for Bass Trombone and Piano


Characters for trombone and piano (five movements)




Bump & Grind for Bass Trombone and Piano

Stories from the Stones for percussion and piano

Coronado for solo tuba and piano (see orchestral listings)

Carolina Capers for violoncello and piano

New Orleans Fancy for Piano-4 hands

Nature Scene – a number of selections for the television program for solo guitar or guitar ensemble

Entonces (three Spanish songs – contralto with piano and optional violin)

Girls and Boys for two clarinets, piano, and string quartet

swing thru timeA Swing Through Time for piano trio – a five movement history of jazz




Alborada for Euphonium and Piano – Southern Music, San Antonio – published with optional 

Arrangements for two flutes, clarinet and cello (or flute, violin, clarinet and cello – many titles available


Dogs the Musical written with Patty Bell

The Christmax Fix written with John McNicholas

Gabriel – a multi-media chamber opera with libretto by W. John Williams

Jazz Ensemble – numerous arrangements and orginals

Big Band/Combo/Lead Sheets: Many originals and arrangements like "Diz," "Crash Junior, "100 in the Shade," "Young Brother," "The Provincial Correspondent" -- including all of the originals and PD tunes from the "Studio Time" CD.

110 in the shade



110 in the Shade




German Band – numerous titles available

German Band: (Clarinet/two trumpets--workable for 2 clar. & 1 tpt. or clar., sop. sax. & tpt.--/trombone/tuba) Many titles available and most are a bit livelier and more fun for the inside guys than the "Hungry Five" book.

Marching Band: Goodwin served as staff arranger for the USC Bands for over 25 years, so there are file drawers full of "charts," including many originals and arrangements of PD tunes.

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